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For the love of dogs

Why we do it

To raise funds for GSP Rescue and as always share our love of GSPs.

Scroll down to see the beauty created in the past and where we are with this year’s project.

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As always we need to thank so many people for making this a reality. Without you, the calendar committee, our printer Jetline, our photographer Nathalie Boucry, our sponsors and models we would be lost.

Thank you!

This time around the creative team had fun with props, lights, backgrounds and posing. Not always the easiest to achieve with GSPs  but worth the effort. The fun photographs on the very last page provide a glimpse of some of the not so perfect shots.

To ensure the images of our photo sponsors GSPs received focus, we decided not to offer business sponsorship opportunities. Having the printing costs sponsored allowed us this privelages. Thank you Jetline!

How it started

The 2022 Calendar

This calendar was born as an idea to raise funds for GSP Rescue and as always share our love of GSPs. We reached out to our members and the larger gundog community offering the opportunity to purchase a photo shoot by the talented Nathalie Boucry (scroll down to March for more about her and Spot) and  advertising space. The positive response was overwhelming. What evolved was a wonderful journey to be part of and a great success as all the calendars printed were sold out in record time and enabled the club to provide GSP Rescue with much needed help.

Scroll down to join in this journey and the stories behind the photos and sponsors one month at a time. The calendar had a QR Code which linked to the web page where these stories were added each month. Hence the order as you scroll down is from December to January.

About our Sponsor


Cannable Veterinary CBD

Cannable Veterinary CBD.

healing without the high

√ Pain & Inflamation

√ Arthritis

√ Anxiety & Stress

Not all gun dogs are comfortable with loud noises unfortunately. Fireworks and thunderstorms abound at this time of year.



December picture

Kahna, Khaleesi, Swazi & Ruger

Owned, love, hunted over and field trialled by Matthew Leichti

Matthew and his dogs have been in the media this year. Khaleesi is the KUSA HPR Dog of the year. (Top dog on points for all KUSA recognized field trials held.) and she is also 3rd on the Tvl HPR Field Trial Club’s ranking. Khana is 7th in the KUSA ranking. Well done!! 

About our Sponsor


SA Wingshooters Association

November picture

Jaeger & Bella

Owned by Stefan Buys

With such great photographs of these two working together it was really hard to choose which to use for November. Both of them were on the short list for the cover.

Sadly Jaeger passed away this year while still in his prime but doing what he loved best, hunting.

About our Sponsor


Glenmoor German Shorthaired Pointers

October picture


Bred, owned, trained, hunted, field trialled and above all, loved by Elaine Wilson

About our Sponsor



Having a great passion for leather products combined with the beauty of bespoke guns and English Style Hunting, Uvami Gun Accessories was born. Their products are handcrafted, made out of genuine Veg tanned leather and hand stitched to perfection.  Not only do they cater for the hunter and serious wing shooter, but also have a passion for our fury friends making some gun dog accessories that will let your dog stand out in the field.

Products are available at Safari & Outdoor

 September picture


Owned, loved and modeled by Hennie Becker

About our Sponsor


Boy & Pip




Check out the cool competition on Facebook 

 august picture


Owned, loved and dressed by Carla Brown

About our Sponsor


Game Chef

Nothing is more free range or organic

Venison and gamebirds have long been valued, not only for the challenges of hunting them, but equally the quality and flavour of the meat.  They offer a natural food source, free from the growth stimulating hormones and antibiotics commonly used in the production of domestic stock.  Game flourishes without the use of agrochemicals, and is therefore kind to the environment. 

Leslie van der Merwe has been hunting antelope and gamebirds for many years, and these recipes are tried and tested, shared with family and friends. Game is often associated with fine dining, only reserved for special occasions.  Of course this quality meat is something special, but the availability and cost means that it is suitable for weekly, if not daily consumption.

Leslie also offers hunting experiences and can contacted through his website 


July picture

Max, Asso, Guss and Winston

Owned, hunted over and loved by Francis Spenceley

In case you were wondering Asso and Winston are not strange looking black and white GSPs, but English Pointers and very cute, but not nearly as cute as Max and Guss 😉

Ariadne on point

About our Sponsor


Little Beanbag Co

For a GSP, Love is…

a comfortable place to sleep.

Comfy Caves are the best for cold winter nights! 

Beds can be custom made to any requirements.

All dog beds can be cleaned by removing the outsides and putting them through a wash cycle in your washing machine, hang out to dry and zip it back up, or by simply wipe if off with a damp cloth.


June picture

Glenmore Kwella

Owned and loved by Minette Smith

Minette owns Little Beanbag Co, so Kwella always has somewhere comfortable to rest!

Ariadne on point

About our Sponsor


Skull Taxidermists

Skull Taxidermists is owner run and offers a full taxidermist service including skull processing, skull and bone carving, shoulder and full mounts, bird taxidermy, tanning and shipping and crating as well as cleaning and refurbishing of existing trophies.

May Picture

Ariadne of KYNIGOS

Owned, loved and hunted over by Aki Ververis

Ariadne on point

Ariadne was born on the 7th of April 2015 making her 7 years old. She was bred by Kostas Gerasis and Stelios Eracleos. She passed the TVL HPR Field Trial Club Natural Ability test and has placed in and won Field Trials. She is owned, loved and hunted over by Aki Ververis.

Ariadne with prize

About our Sponsor


Mike Hunt Gun Dog Supply

Mike Hunt Gun Dog Supply shop is a physical and online shop that supply Gun Dog Accessories & Equipment. Here you can source tools to help you train your gun dog to be the best that they are – animal callers, books and DVDs, gadgets hunting decoys, launchers, dummies, whistles, shooting accessories and loads more. They also sell day to day things that is useful to dog owners and handlers – leashes, collars, crates, first aid supplies and lots of other things that you never knew you desperately wanted for your dog. 


The shop is run by Mike himself, that will always meet you with a friendly face and happy to help with advice and share some of his passion for these wonderful dog.



Every Dog deserves the time and training


Website: Mike Hunt 

E- mail:

Cell number:



152 Kushke Street
Kushke Cnr Flemming Streets
Unit 4

April picutre

Jade & Pepper

Owned and loved by Georgina Wilson

Jade and Pepper, owned and loved by Georgina Wilson and Donavin Pieterse. Jade the GSP is registered with KUSA as Glenmoor Jonquil and was bred by Elaine Wilson. Jade passed her Natural Ability Test in late 2014, at six months old. Sometimes Jade goes hunting, but mostly she is a beloved pet and running partner. Pepper the Staffie was adopted from Benoni SPCA in November 2020. She enjoys going “hunting” with her GSP friends, swimming in dams and giving cuddles.  


🐰Jade and Pepper hope you had a wonderful Easter🐰


About our Sponsor


Nathalie Boucry Photography

ithout Nathalie’s talent, enthusiasm, time and photographs this calendar would have looked so different and not as professional as it does.

Nathalie donated her time and expertise at no cost to the club and not only that, she gave all the photographs taken to our photo sponsors to use as they please.

Thank you Nathalie! Your joy in this project was so infectious.

Nathalie has been working as a professional photographer for 16 years and her extensive portfolio includes many published photographs. Her talents stretch across a variety of genres including corporate, portraiture, editorial and lifestyle photography.

Please take a look at her website.

Her stories are a treasure and you can read on her blog.

Contact her for your photographic needs and stay up to date with her latest creations by following her on Instagram and subscribing to her YouTube channel. 



March picutre


Owned and loved by Nathalie


Spot’s the name. Yup. I know. Right?

Okay, now that that’s outta the way, we can move on? Great!



Next? Right again. I’m a bit of a medley, so I’m just making a guest appearance here, really. They say I’m a cross. Weird. Doesn’t feel like it, but who am I to disagree? I’ve learnt that one doesn’t always have to understand everything. Something about a Springer I hear them say. Well, I do like jumping so there must be something to it.

When it’s all said and done, I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky kinda guy-dog and have every reason to be. I live a privileged inside-dog life. These days.

But it wasn’t always like that. That’s my previous life. Although, to be completely honest, I don’t remember much of those days anymore. Just that it was different. I was scared a lot then.

You see, I’m all chilled and pokerface until bad weather comes around. I hate thunderstorms. Don’t know what it is, but it makes me go all shaky-shake. One day, during one of those really bad storms and when I thought the evil thunder spirits were coming to get me, I ran. And ran. And ran. And ran some more.

Anywhooo, next thing I was in this other place with lots of other dogs. It was still pretty scary cause I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, or what to expect next… but all the hoomans were really nice.

And then one day, while I was sitting outside with one of my favourite hoomans, some new hoomans arrived. Everything got very exciting and from the moment I felt them, I knew good things where about to happen. I just knew. And, as it was Good Friday, it turned out to be the Best Friday of my life.



The new hoomans took me with them in their car! At first I was really scared because I don’t like change. When we arrived at their house, they showed me around. There was a beeeg bed on the floor, bowls with water, food, snacks and lots of other things. There was even a big green out the back. I was free to be inside and the hoomans kept on saying “home” to me.

 Because until then everything had been so unpredictable and stressful, it took sometime for me to understand, especially for a guy like me who likes routine over everything. But I got it, eventually.



And, guess what, almost three years later, I’m still here. First it was three days, then three weeks and then three months… it got better and better all the time. They kept on bringing me more things. I didn’t know what to do with them at first. The best I could think of was to lay on them, but that wasn’t very comfortable. Silly me. Now I know that they are “toys” and I “play” with them. It’s pretty fun actually. I lie… “pretty fun”, who am I trying to kid?



There’s this ball… okay okay, ANY ball – just hearing that bounce makes me go bonkers. Stupid really, but yeah… a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do… it’s like I was born to run and fetch. Hmmm…



Long story short, it’s My Home now. And my Hoomans are now my favourite hoomans. They love me so much that it was quite easy for me to settle down.

And you know what else… They give me snacks. When I sit. Just like that. Every day!



Okay my lady hooman gets a bit much sometimes because she just doesn’t stop taking photos of me… … but she always feeds me. So I guess it’s a fair trade off. Twice a day I hear the sound from the place where all the good smells come from, and that makes me drool. On the clock. German time. Just the way I like it too.

And when I get scared these days, which I still do quite a lot (I know, sorry, I just can’t help it), they wrap me up in this nice jacket that holds me tight and they protect me from the evil thunderstorm spirits. I’m a lucky guy-dog.

Speaking of luck – have I mentioned that I have a bed like everywhere? I lost count, well… counting isn’t my strong point anyway I guess… so don’t hold me to it, but there’s at least … so many… I never even sleep on the ground anymore. Even though I’m inside. Someone pinch me please!



Best of all though, my hoomans take me to the big green every day. I love it so much. Running! Fetching the ball! It’s the best you know. I even dream of it at night!



Oh and, a bit of an embarrassing one, I was a tad scared of the water that you can’t see to the bottom of that’s in the big green. But, what da ya know, I got over that and now., NOW I EVEN SWIM! and, I tell ya, swimming, swimming – that’s something else. You should try it sometime. I hear them say fish-dog.



Like I said, lucky me, living it up! Who would have thought 🥰 But, it’s much more than that. My hoomans love me. They really do. And I am always with them. Everywhere. And I tell ya, that’s just everything!



Thanks for sticking around to read my story!

Yours in happy paws, Spot

If you want to keep up with my adventures (and you guessed it, there are plenty!) head over to the place of many pictures and follow along! It’ll be worth your while 😉 


And if you enjoyed this story, here’s another one of one of my adventures:





About our Sponsor


Boavida Gundogs and Wingshooting

Boavida Gundogs and Wingshooting is situated on a beautiful 650 hectare farm, away from the urban hustle and bustle, but yet close to Johannesburg and Pretoria.

 The team is led by Matthew Berry, with 32 years experience being involved with dogs and dog training on many levels. Ranging from behavioural ecology and ethology to training military dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, and many more. Boavida aims to guide the trainer and dog towards a well balanced, positive relationship with each other. By sticking to a predominantly positive approach, good socialisation, and good leadership principles, you and your dog will soon learn to become a well versed team.

 Their offering includes world-class dog training, gundog training and development, boarding facilities, whingshooting safaris and selected breeding.

Wingshooting – Bird hunting across South Africa

Sustainable wingshooting safaris offered Eastern Cape (Grey-winged Francolin), North West and Limpopo provinces (francolin, spurfowl, guineafowl, and waterfowl), as well as specialised waterfowl shoots.

Grounds are surveyed to count and monitor birds, and shoots are then planned around those scouting sessions.

Boarding & Kennels


The safe and comfortable Boavida boarding kennels are conveniently located close to both Johannesburg and Pretoria. Boarders are under the watchful eye of experienced staff as well as dog trainers, and will receive daily walks, and time in the communal areas with dogs that they get along with well.


Website: boavida.co.za

Cell numbers:

  • Office: 063 312 8901
    (bookings, training,  training progress)
  • Matthew: 082 869 9366
    (personal & direct communications)

Whats App works well as the cell coverage on the farm is poor in some areas

February picture

Pipa & Eike

Left: Matthew Berry….Dr Claudia Wigger- Pieper’s Eike von der Madlage (Pippa for short)

Right: Werner Terblanche Puppe vom Kalkrieser Berg (Eike for short)

Photographer: Brendon Cremer

These two dogs are not only beautiful, they are also excellent hunting partners and well loved companions with balanced temperaments. These dogs have been trained through consistent effort and repetition, repetition, repetition.

About our sponsor


GSP Rescue

GSP Rescue is a non-profit registered volunteer-based organisation who rescue and responsibly rehome Pointing dog breeds: mainly (but not restricted to) German Shorthaired / English Pointers and Vizslas in South Africa. They focus on purebred dogs from these breeds as well as obvious cross breeds. They also network lost and found Pointing dogs; arrange for the safekeeping of strays; network with other shelters and rescue organisations; assist with information to support prospective and existing owners of these breeds and arrange walks to be enjoyed by owners and dogs.

Not too long ago, the GSP (and some other pointing breeds) used to be owned mostly by a select few people who used them for their all round hunting abilities. Many people had never heard of the breed, thus not many dogs were put into circulation and breeders were very selective about where they placed their pups. This is still the case with the more reputable breeders, who invest time and money in improving our beloved breed. Most of them have a very strict policy when it comes to prospective buyers.

The organisation works closely with selected breeders who they believe have responsible breeding programs and are work to maintain good breed standards – many of these breeders refer potential adopters who would be unsuited to a pure bread hunting dog from proven linage to the organisation and offer support in terms of breed understanding.

The breed has gained exposure and hence popularity, it is not hard to fall in love with the GSP’s good looks and awesome personality. The demand for puppies increased and people who have a “cute” GSP now consider themselves breeders. Puppies are sold to the wrong homes for the wrong reasons and a lot of the new owners find that they cannot cope with the demands of being a GSP owner. Of course there are various other reasons for wanting to rehome a dog. Whatever the reason for wanting to rehome a dog, GSP Rescue are always willing to assist without being judgemental.

Often owners try to rehome their dogs themselves and a lot of dogs find themselves on sites like Gumtree, OLX, Facebook etc as “free to a good home”. Experience has proven that owner-rehoming’s often end up in disaster. This is where the rescue team steps in. They ensure, through their strict adoption process, that these pups and very often adult dogs, are homed with people who know what they are committing to and to prevent these dogs from ending up in the wrong hands.

Home checks are done and follow ups on the WhatsApp groups with each adopter and adoption fees are chared.

Each dog rehomed is sterilised, micro-chipped, dewormed and vaccinations are updated, if needed.

Since 2015, +/- 400 dogs have been rehomed to new families, with a 99% success rate. If a dog gets returned to GSP Rescue, they will continue searching for the perfect home. Sadly they have lost four dogs due to illness since 2015. They had to make the difficult decision to have them humanely euthanised because of the severity of their illnesses.


January Picture


Professor Vester who appears in this month’s photo, tugging on our heart strings, was adopted by Yvonne and Neill Soden in November 2018 – the family has since adopted a second GSP called Quincy and Yvonne has joined GSP Rescue SA as a board director and volunteer. And Vester does his bit.