German Shorthaired Pointer Gauteng Club

GSP Club 

We are a KUSA (Kennel Union of South Africa) affiliated Breed Club for GSPs, founded to bring together all manner of GSP-enthusiasts, to learn from each other and enjoy the GSP lifestyle.

Through education, awareness, and assistance from experienced trainers/owners, we aim to uphold the GSP breed standard, as well as encourage people to make the most out of owning one of these extraordinary hunting dogs.


Since 2021

About us

Our Club welcomes all GSPs and their owners, and our events cater for a variety of interests, including field trials, wing-shooting, tracking, agility, obedience, show training, fun, animal assisted therapy and even training for search and rescue.

Through our Club, GSP-enthusiasts can meet like-minded individuals and learn from experienced GSP owners and trainers.

Likewise, passionate and experienced individuals may enjoy the opportunity to teach younger, less experienced owners or potential owners.

The Club provides access to information about GSP-friendly walk venues, training a GSP, owning and handling a GSP, responsible pet ownership, and adopting or buying a GSP.

The Club will hold several fun-filled events throughout the year, including, but not limited to, information seminars, training days, family fun days and friendly competitions.

For more information see our events page or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

 Looking for a dog

Is a GSP really the dog for you?

A GSP is not your average pet. They have been selectively bred over many many years to be the most versatile hunting dog, in that they hunt, point and retrieve. They do so with passion and enthusiasm, and they are highly intelligent dogs.  If you are not going to give this purpose-bred animal enough exercise and stimulation, that passion, enthusiasm and intelligence can be hard to live with. This is evidenced by the number of them in rescue. If you are new to the breed, please follow the links below to other sites that can provide more information to help you decide.


GSPs are kind, gentle (except when they are being boisterous) and loving.

We LOVE them but that does not make them the perfect pet for everyone. 


Why are you interested in this breed? What are you planning to do with your dog?

If it is just the look that attracts you think again.


 A responsible breeder will never ever sell you two litter mates.  All good breeders will have a waiting list. 


Practical and Intellectual

The training objective for a GSP (and its handler😊) is varied, depending on whether you intend to have a well-adjusted pet and/or take part in any of a myriad of dogs sports (competition obedience, agility, tracking, field trials, wing shooting, or search and rescue).

Every dog must start somewhere, and even basic training will assist in making you and your dog happier and safer. Basic obedience is the starting point of any dog’s training career. Choose your training method/ techniques and trainer carefully. There are various techniques of dog training, including reward based training, scientific training, operant conditioning, pack leaders, positive reinforcement, dominance theory, the Koehler method… the list goes on.

However, no matter which of the above you choose, remember: there is no short cut to achieving your aspirations for your dog. Training a dog is a journey and a continuous effort, but it can be fun for both of you. It will also help establish and nourish the bond between you and your companion.

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Heard and seen

Raving Reviews


Renel & Jacques


It was no surprise to find once again that people with GSPs are very likely to be smashingly good people. We loved every second of the morning in the veld with the crew, feeling part of a very ancient thing as we walked side-by-side through that gorgeous Highveld grassland, snakes and all! Our Puppikins had a milestone day with his first free run – we breathed such a great sigh of relief when he did not bolt. We were glad to celebrate that first run in such a positive space with such fine encouragers. The beauty and charisma of every dog there spoke of the love and care they exchange with their guardians. It was a privilege to be amongst you. Thank you for the hospitality, insights and connections. We will be back next time (with our big lad, Chester in tow). We hope you enjoy the pictures as a way to remember another special morning snatched from the mouth of the Big Nothing. May your recall always be heard and obeyed 😊 “



Thank you for an awesome day. We really enjoyed.