Terminology for Pointing Dogs

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A comprehensive 6 Page PDF document TERMINOLOGY FOR POINTING DOGS compiled with thanks to the Tvl HPR Field Trial Club. Aims to assist those new to hunt point and retrieve dogs with the terminology used and is free to members.

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  • Your dog could be related to the first dog imported to South Africa
  • Your dog might be related to the first Field Trial Champion in SA
  • Your dog could be related to the Top dog of all times in SA
  • Your dog’s siblings could be a Field Trail Champion
  • You and your dog could be mentioned in a book

Must have!

I would strongly recommend you get a copy of THE GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER IN SA. There is much information and stories from the past 30 years. Don’t overlook the training tips! It is my humble opinion that every GSP owner should have a copy. As a coffee table book, it creates wonderful conversation and discussion.

A fantastic gift !!

                                         Mike Maree

Your copy…

They are selling fast and are available at gun shops at “slightly” inflated prices. The book is also available from the  Tvl HPR Field Trial Club directly at a cost that will surprise you!


A wealth of information

for you to read

With thanks to Robbie Crawford-Brunt and Ray & Lilian Taylor 

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