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It is official!

We are hosting a Field Trial this year, our first, from 27 to 30 June. Watch this space.

We are again hosting our KUSA licensed Natural Ability test, 19 October.

We still twice a year offer our 8 week beginner obedience course tailored to the personality of the GSP. No puppies under 6 months or children under 12 years may participate. You may attend classes to watch if your dog is still too young. Participation is limited and so restricted to members only with notice of registration being shared with members directly first and then only the broader dog community. If this interests you and you are not already a member its time to…

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Hunting season

Bird hunting is seasonal and it is illegal to hunt out of season, exceed the bag limit or do so without a license.

Make sure you know the details and have your license before you set out. If you need help with this consider reaching out to…

The season is closed on most birds in most areas 🙁

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Fun you may have missed 2024

On Saturday 27 January, the GSP Gauteng Club held the first Mike Maree Memorial Day, in memory of the life of a wonderful friend, father and husband, as well as a dedicated field trialler and judge. Mike contributed so much to the sport of field trialling and to GSPs, and we wanted to celebrate his memory and commitment.
The event took the form of a retrieve competition, and we were generously hosted by the Maree family, Riette, JJ and CF, on their beautiful family farm in Balfour.
Many brave contestants entered to test their dogs on the various levels of land or water retrieves available, and we were honoured to have qualified Shooting Ratings judges attend to assist with the scoring.
Huge congratulations to Stefan Buys and Cruiser for winning the overall competition with a score of 92/100 – Cruiser is still a young dog but showing massive amounts of potential! Well done also to our overall runner up, Leslie van der Merwe and Jeffery! We are very proud to say that one of our committee members scored so highly.
In the individual events, Ed Liechti and Akela cleaned up, winning the single land, single water and double land with full marks- well done!! Congratulations also to Stefan Buys and Cruiser for winning the double water, Steve Smith and Purdey for winning the blind land, and CF Maree and Hayley for winning the blind water.
Training dogs for retrieving takes a whole lot of commitment and practice- well done to all the participants and to our winners!
Thank you to everyone who supported us at this event 🐾 as well as to our organising team, judges, field steward and of course- our wonderful hosts, the Maree family.

A lot of love, care and effort goes into a morning like this morning 🌅 Thank you all for everything! We loved it!

Thank you for an amazing morning

It was lovely, thank you🐕‍🦺

Thank you everyone for an awesome morning

Thank you to all that makes this special event fun & so well managed!🐾🤗🙌🏼

It was a wonderful morning! Thanks to everyone who was there to make it so special!


Three years past and we are still evolving

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So last year

2023 Events

our 2nd year

2022 Events

Full 8 week obedience course

Started 23 January 2022.

Owners and dogs were put through a full 8 weeks course. 

The club’s first year

2021 Events

Introduction to obedience

Held 14 March 2021

Owners and dogs were introduced to the concepts for basic obedience and given the tools to work with their dogs at home. 



Introduction to field work

Held 27 March 2021.

Like-minded people had an opportunity to take their GSP out into the veld. There was a short introduction to field work and and a controlled walk for those not used to letting their dogs off lead.

Introduction to retRieving

Held 10 April 2021.

Those present were given a short talk explaining the basics and how to start nurturing this instinct and then practical guidance both with land and water retrieves. 



 Held 16 May 2021.


Members had the opportunity for additional obedience training


Breakfast in the mountains


Held 13 June 2021.

  After a lovely walk  with the dogs running free, breakfast was served in a clearing the the gorge.

Introduction to Tracking

Georg from Bush Whisper Expeditions shared information around Green Trax who does anti-poaching work in the Greater Kruger 

Held 23 August 2021.

Members had the opportunity to let their dogs have a try at following blood spoor and bird drags

Full 8 week BASIC obedience course

Started 4 September 2021.


 Owners and dogs were put through a full 8 weeks course.



competition level obedience demonstration

Held 24 October 2021.

The ‘graduates” from our 8 week obedience course were awarded their certificates where after they and members were treated to a demonstration of competition level obedience by Maragret Mudd

Club Shooting day

27 November 2021.

No shooting, but the dogs did not mind the rain and enjoyed the veld.

Hippo Creek hospitality is legendary.

A fire in November, great food and company.

Christmas Walk

11 December 2021

Members enjoyed a relaxing end to the year, a lovely walk, good company and fine food