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German Shorthaired Pointers in South Africa have a wonderful history having been purpose bred as versatile hunting dogs that hunt, point and retrieve (HPR). If this history interests you take a look in our Library for details of how you can get a copy of the book  “The German Shorthaired Pointer in South Africa” which also contains training advice and a lot more.

Scroll down for details of HPR and related clubs in the area or not too far afield and links to their websites. These are listed here to help you ensure your dog reaches it’s full potential and you share in this legacy.


The South African  Field Trial Club

The oldest trialing dog club in South Africa established in 1908. The club caters for enthusiasts who wish to nurture and perpetuate the natural hunting instincts inherent in gundogs.

They host two surveys in the beautiful Verloren Valei, British Breed Trials and various other events per year.


Tvl HPR Field Trial Club

Established in 1980. Founder of the versatile gundog movement in South Africa with the aim to develop and improve the natural abilities of the versatile breeds that hunt, point and retrieve.

They have training most Sundays, host 2 Field Trials and 2 puppy Stakes per year

KZN HPR Field Trial Club

Established in 2001 with the vision of promoting the ancient art of shooting game birds over dogs in KZN

They host a Field Trial every year and other interesting events


SA Wingshooters

South Africa’s No.1 Accredited Hunting & Sport shooting Association

The only national bird hunting and shooting association in South Africa with SAPS accreditation as a Hunting AND Sport Shooting Association in terms of the Firearms Control Act. They are a fully accredited Hunting and Sport Shooting association and offer all the shooting and hunting disciplines at one association, however, specialise in wingshooting.

They host a multitude of events, can help with farms to hunt on, liscence applications and much more.

Central Field Trial Club

Established in 2010 as a British Breed (English Pointer) Field Trial Club 

They host at a Field Trial annually.